Baxter, Orting, Wash., introduced the VersaOven, a new kind of kitchen equipment that combines the best features of rotisserie, convection and combi ovens into a space-saving oven category all its own.

Built with patent-pending technology to offer versatility, performance and intuitive operation, the VersaOven enables cooking, baking and steaming in one solution.

The VersaOven features a rotating interior oven rack for even cooking results, and a 95,000 BTU/Hr in-shot burner system. The VersaOven is also built with a patented, self-contained steam system that is said to generate more steam than a standard mini-rack oven. Designed to handle the daily cooking demands of delis, grocery stores and retail kitchens, the VersaOven has the capacity to fit 40, 3-pound chickens, 10 standard 18x26-inch sheet pans or five 12x20x2.5-inch steam pans. Bulk uploading of recipes is possible through an easily accessed USB port. The VersaOven also features a large window with two panes for easy viewing, and a patent-pending design that includes a fixed, interior pane for additional door rigidity, plus an exterior window that opens easily for cleaning between the panes.

For reduced maintenance issues, the VersaOven incorporates a patent-pending grease separation system that utilizes gravity and a valve rather than a pump. Grease is collected in 2, 5-gallon containers, and the transit caddy includes viewing windows to monitor grease levels, as well as a retractable handle that stows out of the way when not in use.

The oven’s heavy cleaning cycle only takes two hours and uses 24 gallons of water, while a 30-minute, short wash cycle takes care of any mid-day needs without shutting down afternoon production.

Baxter Manufacturing