The new Performer Dock Seal from Rite-Hite, Milwaukee, Wis., uses advanced, durable materials with the latest in dock seal design to effectively seal gaps at loading dock doors and reduce trailer-related wear and tear.

The Performer seal features rugged, friction-resistant Durathon fabric, which covers the vinyl base layer of the pleat-free side pad face, giving it a smooth, abrasion-reducing surface. It’s also used to provide full-height inside side pad reinforcement to protect against damage from forklifts and loads. In the corners, Durathon covers multiple layers of protection on the corner wear boots. If damage does occur, the corner wear boots can be easily removed and replaced without replacing the full header.

The Performer dock seal comes in two unique designs—the high-performance head pad model (as seen here) is ideal for standard over-the-road trailers and uses a distinctive pivoting, whereas the backerless header design reduces damage from extreme pressure and trailer movement and prevents head pad pop-off.


Rite-Hite Corp.