SPINS, Chicago, released its “Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018.” From key nutrients to special diets to sustainable innovations, here's a taste of what SPINS industry experts think will disrupt the retail marketplace in 2018:

Collagen shape-shifts. With a growing consumer following, collagen will appear in even more categories and products in 2018, and plant-based alternatives to the animal-derived ingredient will emerge, offering collagen's benefit claims to a wider audience.

FODMAP on the map. As awareness of this special diet rises, SPINS expects to see more low-FODMAP foods in the market as well as certifications and label language to help this growing body of shoppers at the shelf.

Shelf-starting certifications. Natural companies will continue to raise the standards. In particular, SPINS will keep an eye on new glyphosate-free and regenerative agriculture certifications like the Certified Grass-Fed Organic program.