JSB Industries, Chelsea, Mass., completed a major energy efficient LED lighting retrofit at its Chelsea and Lawrence, Mass., manufacturing facilities.

The LED lighting retrofit, performed by ENGIE Services U.S., Oakland, Calif., is said to substantially reduce energy consumption and meet new environmental sustainability goals, cut costs and significantly improve employee working conditions.

The installation process across JSB’s combined 185,000-square-foot facilities replaced 632 fluorescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED fixtures and replaced dozens of older fixtures in JSB’s offices. The lighting and thermostats are equipped with state-of-the-art wireless controls, and intelligent controls, which include on/off occupancy sensors, are responsive to variable lighting.

“There were concerns about the initial cost,” says Brian Anderson, vice president of technology. “Our decision to move forward was based on a careful assessment of LED lighting quality and cost, as well as the desire to improve our environmental footprint as part of our Green Initiatives Program. LEDs are good for the environment and good for business.”

JSB’s green initiatives is a sustainability effort that seeks to reduce the company’s environmental impact by implementing responsible practices in all areas of its operation, as outlined in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ September 2017 cover story.