Germany-based Meypack debuted the VP600 case packer, a continuous motion machine that packs formats ranging in dimension from 70x50x80 mm up to 200x150x200 mm.

This easy-to-clean machine in stainless-steel execution features sloped surfaces that allow liquid to run off.

The product infeed is carried out via a paddle chain with interchangeable belts that have product-specific pockets and paddles for stacking and erecting products. With a fast changeover function, the belts can be exchanged immediately and then automatically adjusted for tension and positioning. The blank magazines, which can be adjusted in height, are easily loaded and can be equipped with saw-tooth belts for the tray transport. This prevents the creation of too much pressure at the blank pickup. The interchangeable format-dependent safety guards, also equipped with quick-change elements, provide additional magazine protection in addition to the certified SICK sensors (safeguard detectors). 

Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH
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