FLO-CORP, Medina, Ohio, created the CONNEX 3D QSR asset monitoring system, an all-in-one cloud-based monitoring system that measures and consolidates data into usable and essential information for compliance reporting, management analytics, preventative maintenance, service provider efficiency and more.

The CONNEX 3D QSR asset monitoring system takes the very best of process control and integrates it into a full-service monitor for the foodservice industry. For example, fresh oil. Through level monitoring, every last drop of oil can be accounted for as the tank is filled with new product and as oil is added to the fryers. The system monitors the fryers to verify that oil has been filtered at the proper time and frequency. The temperature of the fryer is also measured and monitored all the way to the used oil tank. Once used oil is stored for pickup, the system monitors the used oil tank, so users know exactly how much oil has been added and exactly how much the vendor should pick up. Vendors and service providers are connected to the system to know when to schedule service, pick up used cooking oil and deliver new oil on demand.

The CONNEX 3D monitor integrates any sensor into a remote measurement used for FDA compliance, food quality assurance, preventive maintenance and on-time service, environmental reporting and theft prevention. Local and remote monitoring of grill and oven operation provides added food quality assurance and on-time delivery of services, energy management and QA management reporting of deliverables. Refrigerator and freezer temperatures as well as storage times for assets such as eggs or foods made with eggs can be measured and remotely monitored.