Pregis LLC, Deerfield, Ill., introduced an innovative virtual reality training program for protective packaging equipment and material selection.

“Pregis is constantly looking for ways to help distribution centers and retail store locations improve protective packaging functionality and efficiency. With many of these locations hiring seasonal employees and/or those without previous packaging experience, correct training is absolutely critical for a consistent, repeatable experience,” says Clint Smith, product manager.

With the exponential growth of e-commerce coupled with retailers fulfilling through a variety of channels, it is not feasible for Pregis to provide face-to-face training at all locations.

“Our 360-degree virtual reality videos, which run approximately two minutes, will change that. Several research studies have shown that information absorption is significantly enhanced—as much as threefold--when virtual reality headsets are used,” Smith says. “We are looking forward to bringing this innovative learning tool to packaging operations across the country.”

In addition to creating a library of 360-degree virtual reality training videos, Pregis will be creating programs for customers.