Lamb Weston, Eagle, Idaho, introduced a solution for fries that arrive hot and crispy via home delivery.

New Crispy on Delivery is a comprehensive solution that combines the right product, packaging and back-of-house expertise to deliver from store to door.

Crispy on Delivery started with extensive research focused on customer satisfaction for home fry delivery. Lamb Weston identified three key areas that can impact delivered fry quality – the product, the packaging and best practices for delivery from store to door.

“There’s nothing better than hot and crispy fries – one of the most loved foods in the world. We know we’ve got a solution to help our customers deliver on this,” says Mike Smith, senior vice president, growth and strategy. “No one knows fries better than Lamb Weston, and our comprehensive approach to hot and crispy fries truly goes from the store to the door.”

Starting with the fry, Crispy on Delivery fries maintain heat and crispiness for 30 minutes, and are lightly battered to withstand the challenges of delivery without sacrificing taste.

Crispy on Delivery fries travel in a patented container with venting technology. The “Crispy Technology” fry cup leverages strategically placed vents to keep fries warm while also preventing condensation from collecting in the packaging.