Handy Seafood, Salisbury, Md., launched new value-added seafood items—Salmon Power Burger, Salmon Power Bites, Shrimp Power Burger and Shrimp Power Bites.

“Traditional value-added seafood typically meets the convenience and flavor factor, but lacks any sort of plant-based nutrition,” says Todd Conway, chief executive officer. “That’s why we thought power seafoods were the logical next product for us. Our power burgers contain all-natural ingredients and robust flavors and are totally preservative free, making sure consumers don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for great taste.”

Handy’s Power Foods contain edamame, spinach, broccoli, lime, scallions, cilantro, sriracha and either salmon or shrimp, and are packed as 12 count (0.5-ounce) bites and 2 count (3-ounce) burgers.