Wild Grill Foods, Eugene, Ore., introduced an innovative line of healthy, sustainable, nutritious and convenient seafood products.

Blending the fresh culinary culture of the California wine country with the latest innovations in seafood manufacturing, Wild Grill Foods created a line of products in easy-to-prepare forms like burgers and sausages.

“Our sustainable seafood burgers and sausages raise the bar of revenue and profitability of seafood by presenting it in familiar forms,” says Patrick Sullivan, president. “Not only are they easy to prepare as a main course, sandwich, appetizer or salad, [but they also] will help you capture your share of this poised-for-growth seafood category.”

Using only high-quality, sustainable seafood products like wild-caught Pacific salmon, the line includes a Salmon Cedar Plank Burger, the Original Salmon Sausage and a Jalapeno Cheese Salmon Sausage, available for both foodservice and retail.