Good Catch plant-based seafood has launched a new product line of frozen entrées and appetizers: New England Style Plant-Based Crab Cakes, Thai Style Plant-Based Fish Cakes, and Classic Style Plant-Based Fish Burgers. This product extension is the second evolution from the plant-based seafood brand, expanding beyond its existing portfolio of plant-based tuna, which quickly won over the consumer palate following its market introduction last year.

The global opportunities for growth among the plant-based industry are ripe. Over the past two years, sales of plant-based offerings that directly replace animal products grew 29% to $5 billion. More specifically, plant-based seafood accounts for only a small fraction of this total, creating opportunity for Good Catch to bridge this gap in the market.(1) Good Catch’s new frozen entrees and appetizers are the result of the rising consumer interest for quick and delicious plant-based meals the whole family can enjoy.

● New England Style Plant-Based Crab Cakes: A savory treat flavored with sweet red and yellow bell peppers, green onions, a kick of spice, and parsley. These plant-based crab cakes are ideal for a quick bite. Pan-sear and top these with a plant-based spicy remoulade, and fresh-squeezed lemon, or pair them with red sauce and pasta for a heartier meal.

● Thai Style Plant-Based Fish Cakes: This tender whitefish-style cake is flavored with an exotic balance of aromatics and spice for a Thai-style zest that is perfect for Asian inspired menus. These cakes taste delicious pan-seared and are great on their own with a sweet chili dipping sauce, or an ideal way to top off lettuce wraps, Asian-style fish tacos, or tiny appetizer sliders.

● Classic Plant-Based Fish Burgers: These hearty burgers have a light whitefish texture and flavor, and are simply seasoned with green onion, celery, sea salt and pepper. For a taste of seaside comfort any time of the year, pan-sear these burgers and top with pickles and horseradish tartar sauce.

“Quality and innovation are essential to the Good Catch culinary journey,” said Chad Sarno, Co-Founder & Chief Culinary Officer at Good Catch. "Recreating the taste and texture consumers expect from whitefish and crab cakes challenged our team to push our boundaries. We are really proud of the final outcome.”

The frozen entrées and appetizers are crafted from Good Catch’s proprietary six-legume blend (peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans), which is high in protein and used as the base of Good Catch products to create the texture that mimics the flakiness of seafood. Good Catch uses natural vegan flavorings for seafood notes in the frozen appetizers and entrees, plus a shot of DHA for an authentic seafood culinary experience.

The product packaging further advances Good Catch’s commitment to the environment with the carton made from 100% recycled paperboard and post-consumer content and the inner plastic wrap made from 40% post-consumer recycled plastic. The new frozen appetizers and entrees have an MSRP of $5.99 and are now available in retailers across the East Coast, with expanded distribution throughout the country planned for later this year. 

“Ultimately, consumers simply want an enjoyable culinary experience, from ease of preparation to delightful taste,” said Chris Kerr, Co-Founder and CEO of Gathered Foods. “This creates an opportunity for Good Catch to be trailblazers in developing plant-based seafood that can be a one-to-one swap in traditional recipes. Our new frozen product line is a big step in the innovation of our products and brings Good Catch to the forefront of the category.“

This new product launch builds upon an exciting start to the year for Good Catch. The brand kicked off the new decade with the news of a $36.8 million Series B Financing Round, which included key investors Greenleaf Foods and 301 INC, the venture arm of General Mills. In January, the brand launched its plant-based tuna in the UK with Tesco, further expanding its distribution footprint on an international scale. Following, Good Catch announced a joint distribution venture with Bumble Bee Foods, a leader in the traditional seafood space. Most recently, Good Catch announced new backing from celebrities Woody Harrelson, Shailene Woodley, Paris Hilton and Lance Bass, which signifies the overwhelming belief in the future of plant-based seafood.

(1 SPINSscan Natural and Specialty Gourmet (proprietary), SPINSscan Conventional Multi Outlet (powered by IRI), 104 weeks ending December 29, 2019.)

About Good Catch
Good Catch is a chef-driven revolutionary food company developing flavorful, 100% plant-based seafood alternatives. Founded by pioneering chefs Derek and Chad Sarno, Good Catch products offer the taste, texture, nutrition, and experience of seafood without harming the environment. United by love of good food, plant-based eating, and animal welfare, Good Catch is on a mission to raise consciousness, reduce harm, and preserve environmental resources, all while delivering a great culinary experience. The team is dedicated to creating great-tasting plant-based foods for everyone, from vegan to omnivore and everything in between. Good Catch Plant-Based Fish-Free Tuna is available nationwide in three versatile flavor offerings including Naked in Water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs. Good Catch’s newly launched frozen appetizers and entrees are available in retailers across the East Coast, with wider distribution planned for later in 2020.