Grafton Village Cheese, a social enterprise of the non-profit Windham Foundation, Grafton, Vt., introduced Reserve Cheddar, Grand Reserve Cheddar and Shallot and White Pepper Cheddar, which are handmade using premium unpasteurized milk from small local family farms.

Reserve Cheddar is a tangy, bold cheddar that comes from decades of experience refining quality aged cheddar. Batches of Grafton Reserve Cheddar are chosen during their formative years for long aging. The flavors are brothy and bright, with fruit and citrus notes. A creamy mouthfeel disproves the often-crumbly appearance, with a long, complex finish pleasing to the palate.

Grand Reserve Cheddar highlights the best features in aged cheddar. Hand-selected for flavor and texture when young, resulting in a robust, savory, slightly sweet cheddar that is well-balanced and complex. Hints of whiskey appear during the lingering finish.

Shallot and White Pepper Cheddar offers sweet onion notes with a creamy, peppery finish. Dried shallot and white pepper give this cheese a savory personality. Slice with apples, melt on sandwiches and burgers, and mix into mac and cheese for a distinctive flavor.

The new cheddars are available in 5- and 10-pound blocks and 8-ounce bars at select specialty markets, grocers and restaurants nationwide.