Lineage Logistics, LLC, a Novi, Mich.-based warehousing and logistics company sponsored by Bay Grove Capital LLC, San Francisco, broke ground on a significant expansion to its Sunnyvale, Texas, warehousing and distribution facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth logistics market. For what is said to be the world’s most advanced automation and robotics warehouse technologies, Lineage will nearly double the pallet capacity of the current facility while occupying less than a third of its current footprint.

“At Lineage, we are committed to disrupting the temperature-controlled supply chain through the use of new technology, applied sciences and innovative thinking,” says Greg Lehmkuhl, president and CEO. “Our expansion in Sunnyvale is another tremendous example of that commitment, and we are thrilled to deploy a number of dynamic technologies to help preserve, protect and optimize the distribution of the food products our customers entrust to us.”

The facility will be Lineage’s first fully automated development in North America, and is designed to support maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Implementing a process called dynamic profiling, Lineage will have the ability to adapt to a wide range of customer needs in Sunnyvale over time. The facility’s automated storage and retrieval systems technology will move product seamlessly through a 9-level, 100-foot ceiling location, while the significant corresponding increase in storage density will greatly reduce energy consumption.

The expanded facility, located at 367 Long Creek Road, will add approximately 94,000 square footage to the existing 311,885-square-foot location, and have the ability to house roughly 24,000 additional pallet positions. When completed, Lineage estimates that nearly 30 new jobs will be created from the local workforce to support operations.

The facility is currently under construction, and is expected to begin full operation in 2019.