Gardein, Boulder, Colo., launched Skillet Meals, which marry the brand's signature meatless meats with a variety of crisp vegetables, grains and pastas in sauces and prepared in just minutes.

Skillet Meals are non-GMO project verified, certified vegan, dairy-free, made with plant protein and come in the following varieties:

Asian Style Chick'n Fried Rice. Made with Gardein chick'n bites, broccoli, peppers, edamame and more in an Asian-style sauce.

Chick'n Fiesta. A quick and easy plant-based spin on south-of-the-border cuisine, this dish delivers a medley of veggies, beans and spices combined with savory Gardein chick'n bites.

Chick'n Florentino. Made with the company’s signature Gardein chick'n bites, broccoli and spinach in a creamy roasted garlic and lemon sauce.

Italian Style Rigatoni n' Saus'age. A savory combination of pasta, peppers and onions along with new Gardein Italian saus'age bites and a rich marinara sauce.

"Consumers today want healthier, sustainable options that fit into their busy schedules," says Andy Judd, vice president of marketing at Boulder Brands, Gardein’s parent company. "As the very first multi-serve meals available in the frozen meatless category, our New Skillet Meals are outrageously delicious and can be prepared in minutes, making meal time a rewarding experience no matter how brief."