Tekni-Plex, Inc., Wayne, Pa., acquired Commodore Plastics and Commodore Technology, both based in Bloomfield, N.Y., under a newly-formed subsidiary, Dolco LLC.

Commodore Plastics manufactures a wide range of traditional and custom polystyrene (PS) foam trays, including padded food processor, supermarket and industrial trays, while Commodore Technology manufactures PS foam extrusion systems, dies, thermoformers, trim systems and other molds and equipment to support its sister company’s production requirements. It also sells its equipment to manufacturers outside North America.

Going forward, both entities will become part of Dolco Packaging, a Tekni-Plex business. Dolco produces foam egg carton trays, standard and custom PS trays for food processing, fruit and other applications and PET egg cartons and mushroom tills.

“Tekni-Plex already has significant tray manufacturing capability via its Dolco business unit. The acquisition will allow us to benefit from Commodore’s extruder and thermoforming equipment technology, as well as increase our manufacturing footprint. That puts us in a position to provide even more solutions to our customers,” says Paul Young, president and CEO, Tekni-Plex.