Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., introduced the VideojetConnect Packaging Line Visibility and Productivity Suite, a new SaaS (Software as a Service) production efficiency tool for use with its coders at the factory level.

The VideojetConnect suite allows manufacturers to leverage the equipment they already own to gain visibility into their packaging line operations to maximize productivity and pinpoint opportunities for reducing operating costs.

Plus, this robust tool doesn’t require additional equipment, complicated installation, setup procedures or ongoing maintenance.

The VideojetConnect suite tracks finished goods, packaging line production rates and line stops and other valuable operations data. Enabled Videojet coders can collect this day-to-day data from across multiple packaging lines, providing an easier way to gather actionable data from the larger packaging operation, far beyond just the printer.

Packaging line production data is then sent to the cloud and turned into real-time reporting, allowing users to prioritize and analyze data as they see fit. Intuitive and user-friendly dashboards and reports are easily accessible on most mobile and stationary internet-enabled electronic devices. Remote service functionality also comes standard, and provides remote alerts with real-time notification of printer needs, printer-specific performance reporting and related remote recovery assistance.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.