The latest solution from The Raymond Corp., Greene, N.Y., weighs product directly on the walkie pallet forks.

The Raymond Model 8210 — with factory-installed, fully integrated mobile weigh scale options — is available in two configurations—a legal-for-trade configuration in adherence to the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) or in a non-NTEP configuration.

The NTEP is administered by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, Lincoln, Neb., which established a uniform set of criteria and test procedures for the evaluation of commercial weighing and measuring devices.

These scales measure the amount of weight directly on the pallet truck forks and communicate — using either serial or Bluetooth connections — that weight to the operator through an LCD display called the scale indicator. NTEP scales are accurate within 0.1% of the maximum calibrated load weight.

The system consists of a scale mounted in the tractor fork skins and weight-sensing load cells installed over a modified fork frame. The system is powered through the truck battery, and includes IP65-protected electrical components for work in wet environments. Optional cold storage conditioning enables operation in cold environments down to -4°F. 

The Raymond Corp.