Wells Enterprises Inc., Le Mars, Iowa, launched new flavors of its Bunny Snacks and Mini Swirls products, both of which are produced under the Blue Bunny banner.

Bunny Snacks are individually wrapped bite-sized treats that come in a resealable freezer bag, and Mini Swirls are mini-cones filled with reduced-fat ice cream dipped in toppings.

“At Blue Bunny, we know consumers want to feel good about indulging. Indulgent treats in smaller sizes are the perfect, on-trend option for consumers who want to feel better about their choices, but don’t want to compromise on taste,” says Jamee Pearlstein, senior brand manager. “Many food and beverage companies are expanding their small-portion offerings, and we predict this category will continue to grow. Bunny Snacks and Mini Swirls are Blue Bunny’s answer to consumer demand for fun-sized, fun-filled snacking portions. They offer exciting new flavors, allowing consumers to enjoy perfectly-sized, delicious ice cream.”

Mini Swirls now come in Cinnamon Cereal, similar in taste to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and Mint Cookie Crunch, a flavor doppelganger to the Thin Mint flavor of Girl Scout Cookies.

Bunny Snacks now come in Chocolate Hazelnut, Mint Chocolate Twist, Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Fudge Brownie.