Wells Enterprises Inc., Le Mars, Iowa, expanded its Blue Bunny brand to include new ice cream creations such as Mini Swirls cones and Bunny Tracks ice cream.

"When people think of ice cream, they think of fun. That's where Blue Bunny comes in," says Adam Baumgartner, vice president of marketing. "We've re-launched the Blue Bunny brand having been inspired by ice cream fans and their desire to have more fun with their frozen treat. We asked, and then earnestly listened to ice cream enthusiasts, and we heard them say they want their ice cream to be more light-hearted, more fun. And, they want it to come in packaging that clearly conveys there's good stuff waiting for them inside. We poured these consumer insights into our recipe for re-launch, and now Blue Bunny's improved flavors, shapes and sizes of fun-stuffed ice cream are available nationwide." 

New to the freezer aisle is Funwich, a fusion of a chocolate chip cookie layered with creamy vanilla ice cream, all dipped in a milk chocolaty coating, on a stick.

The ice cream brand has also put a new twist on the Mini Swirl. Aptly named the Big Swirl, this frozen dessert is a larger version of the Mini Swirl, and consists of swirls of creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in a milk chocolaty coating, all inside a crunchy sugar cone. 

The brand's packaged ice cream innovations include new and improved flavors, such as Bunny Tracks, Mocha Me Hoppy, Cherry Pickin' Chocolate, Salted Caramel Craze, Blu's Birthday Party and Super Fudge Brownie along with limited-edition flavors such as Vanilla Cupcake, Coco Mango and Cherrific Cheesecake.  

The 46-ounce and new quart-sized packaged ice creams come in see-through containers that are recyclable and BPA free.