ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y., acquired Integra Logistics Services, LLC. With this acquisition, ROAR further extends its reach across North America, with over 120 associates in eight major markets.

Integra offers transportation services and logistics solutions throughout North America. Integra will integrate its corporate headquarters and technology center in Houston, Texas, and full-service sales and support operations in Dallas, Texas, and Chicago into the ROAR network. Fred Beasley, chairman of Integra, joined ROAR as chief commerce officer.

ROAR, a subsidiary of Rich Products Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., entered the transportation industry in 2003 as an intermodal marketing company, approaching the transportation industry as a shipper rather than a transportation service provider. 

Integra’s customer-centric model closely parallels ROAR’s model, with a commitment to empowering an experienced team to act as an extension of its customers’ transportation departments. 

“It was clear from the beginning that our companies would be a great complement to one another, and our customers would be the beneficiaries,” says Beasley. “From a customer perspective, there is very little overlap, which will make the integration of our operations and sales teams that much easier.”