For businesses looking for truckload volume capacity to move their temperature-controlled commodities, KOOL PAK Logistics, Portland, Ore., is the newest part of the KOOL PAK family of transportation companies. As a logical expansion of their LTL transportation services, KOOL PAK Logistics provides greater capacity to transport both LTL and truckload volume shipments across the United States and Canada.

KOOL PAK created this affiliated company to work in partnership with shippers and carriers to safely and more efficiently move higher volumes of frozen, refrigerated and dry goods. To facilitate the safe movement of goods, KOOL PAK Logistics strictly adheres to DOT federal transportation regulations and all of the company's California equipment is CARB Compliant.

To head up the new KOOL PAK Logistics operation, 15-year brokerage industry veteran Matt Thompson joined as chief marketing officer.

"As a full service brokerage, Matt's industry knowledge will help to develop partnerships with companies and carriers to effectively manage temperature-sensitive and dry freight," says Steve Ness, chief executive officer.