NaturalShrimp, Inc., Dallas, Texas, installed an enhanced version of its patent-pending, vibrio suppression technology system at it La Coste, Texas, production facility.

NaturalShrimp's vibrio suppression technology is designed to create higher sustainable shrimp population densities, consistent production, improved growth and survival rates and superior food conversion without the use of antibiotics, probiotics or toxic chemicals.

Vibrio suppression technology works to exclude and suppress harmful organisms such as bacteria that can destroy shrimp crops produced with older closed-loop technologies.

"The testing we conducted went very well. The electrocoagulation system developed with our strategic partner, F&T Water Solutions, which is headquartered in Largo, Fla., exceeded technical specs with a greater flow rate and less power consumption, therefore reducing overall projected operating costs," says Tom Untermeyer, chief technology officer. "It has been a pleasure to work with the professionals at F&T. The redesigned system was shipped to our La Coste facility and arrived on May 14. It is scheduled to be fully operational by May 31, and we expect to load production tanks with 10-day-old, post-larvae shrimp (PL10s) for a 24-week cultivation cycle test starting in early June. This is the third and final 'wet test' scheduled before we ramp up production and launch a full-scale rollout. The first two tests were highly successful, and we expect this one will be even more so."