Raley’s, West Sacramento, Calif., renovated its support center to transform the 3-story building into an open office environment that promotes collaboration, enhances teamwork and reflects the company's brand and culture.

“We wanted to offer our team members an open, contemporary place to work—to make the environment a happy and productive place that reflects our culture. We opened up the building to bring in light, designed areas with opportunity for collaboration and listened to what team members told us would make this building a great place to work,” says Mark Foley, chief people officer. “We’re proud to offer a vibrant work environment that brings energy into the workplace.”

Raley’s architect and long-time partner Coact Designworks, Sacramento, Calif., worked with leadership and employees to create a new and modern work space. This included strategic workflow updates to create higher levels of efficiency, collaboration and engagement between team members. A major redesign of each floor removed private offices along the building perimeter to expose windows, and conference and meeting room walls now feature full-height glass walls and doors. This new design takes advantage of natural light to light the spaces, and allows all employees to benefit from an open-floor concept.

“As architects and designers, we are always striving to enhance the lives of people by the environments we create. This project was a perfect example of that. A main concept for Raley’s new office design was centered around making a healthier and happier environment for their employees. With the vision, dedication and collaboration with Raley’s, we produced a very successful project,” says Mitch Bjorgum, project manager, Coact Designworks.

The creative minds now have full dry erase walls, pinup walls and standing-height layout tables to support brainstorming sessions. New rooms support the grocery business; the marketing team received a cutting-edge photo studio, featuring a beautifully-designed kitchen set and video space. And, the merchant team received a custom wine and beer tasting room to both store and sample potential products.

A wide variety of alternative work spaces include various-sized conference rooms accommodating 2-16 people, open, team huddle and brainstorming areas, tucked-away, semi-private hotel stations, stand-up telephone booths and open use, soft-seating for both private and collaborative use. These versatile spaces are incorporated throughout the building to accommodate different work styles.  

Raley’s CEO office was converted into a conference room. Named after founder Thomas Raley, this room was designed with a current take on a traditional style to update the room while paying tribute to their past. This room features the original marble top desk from Thomas Raley, which has been converted into a conference room table to mirror the shift in the company culture.

The first-floor lobby was re-imagined with a new layout and design that improved the efficiency of the space. The new lobby incorporates six small conference rooms to allow for quick and convenient meetings between visiting vendors and the merchandizing team. An office-wide sound-masking system maintains speech privacy and reduces distractions throughout the open office.

The remodel began in 2016, with a focus on common areas used by all team members. The second-floor kitchen was converted to offer fresh and healthy food, the same options offered in Raley’s stores. In addition, the company invested in a state-of-the-art gym, outside walking trail and on-site greenspace to promote a healthy lifestyle.