Green Valley Organics, Sebastopol, Calif., changed its name to Green Valley Creamery and unveiled a major packaging redesign to emphasize its clean, minimally processed, real dairy ingredients.

“We wanted stay true to our roots as a dairy company by choosing a name that reflects where we come from,” says Rich Martin, vice president of sales and marketing. “Green Valley Creamery is the place where our products are made, and the name reminds consumers that we make them with real dairy.”

The packaging’s bold new look will further Green Valley Creamery’s mission to bring real dairy back into consumers’ lives.

In 2017, Green Valley Creamery became what is said to be the first real dairy brand to be certified as FODMAP friendly.

Green Valley Creamery uses a simple enzymatic process to break down the lactose in milk and cream, while leaving its nutritional value intact. This renders the milk free of lactose and digestible to even those with severe lactose intolerance. All of its products are slowly fermented with live and active cultures in a process that yields billions of probiotics per serving.

As part of its rebrand, Green Valley Creamery also doubled down on its commitment to sustainability by switching the cups it uses for yogurt, sour cream and cream cheese from pure plastic to a more green, paper-lined package. These new cups are made with 30% less plastic and surrounded by a cardboard wrap that can be detached from the cup and recycled.