Perdue, Salisbury, Md., introduced PERDUE SIMPLY SMART Organics, a line of frozen, fully-cooked breaded and certified-organic chicken products.

Shoppers will begin seeing the USDA-certified organic seal on the entire line of PERDUE SIMPLY SMART items at grocery retailers nationwide in early October.

The PERDUE SIMPLY SMART Organics product lineup includes whole grain, certified gluten-free and lightly breaded varieties of nuggets, strips and tenders in the refrigerated and frozen foods sections.

“Consumer choice is important, but people should never have to choose between serving quality, organic food to their families or settling for an alternative product solely based on price. For convenient, high-quality, organic fully cooked chicken, Perdue now offers consumers and option that meets their demand without sacrificing their needs,” says Eric Christianson, chief marketing officer. “The growth in organic continues to outpace the rest of the food market, so this is clearly something consumers want. PERDUE SIMPLY SMART products already emphasize ‘better-for-you’ attributes, such as lightly breaded, simple ingredients and nothing artificial. Now, we’re going to offer consumers certified-organic at prices that are more affordable.”