True Fresh HPP, Buena Park, Calif., launched a new e-commerce platform, consisting of fully integrated cold chain fulfillment services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers.

The full suite of capabilities include order fulfillment, wholesale and custom kitting, customizable shipping platforms, warehousing (frozen and cold storage with full racking throughout the facility), real time inventory, dedicated cold room production and a wide range of high-pressure processing (HPP) tolling solutions. Additional food and beverage services include innovative food product development, white label offerings, packaging procurement and technology, logistics efficiency and quality assurance.

“We're pleased to offer our customers an exclusive range of cold chain services that allows them to process their refrigerated food products with our HPP technology and then have it distributed directly to their end users," says Grant Lorsung, president. "This comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment service is in high demand for food and beverage manufacturers who desire a turnkey solution that enhances their product offerings."