TRUE FRESH HPP installed its third Hiperbaric 525 HPP machine in its innovation center in Buena Park, Calif., making it what is said to be the single largest concentration of high-pressure processing (HPP) tolling services under one roof in Northern America.

"We are extremely excited about the addition of our third Hiperbaric machine," says Paul Harrison, director of operations. "We now have three of the largest capacity HPP machines giving us the greatest capacity of HPP tolling services in one location. This really secures our position at the forefront of HPP processing, technology and know-how."

"High-pressure processing is the only way to naturally extend the shelf life of chilled, clean products, and is increasingly used in all food categories," says Mark Lodge, president. "We help the food industry using our certified HPP facilities to provide clean, wholesome, unadulterated foods that are fresh, guaranteed safe and long lasting. In fact, our TRUE FRESH HPP technology demonstrates the ability to extend chilled shelf-life for up to 10 times normal expectations. As a result, this allows manufactures to supply products that are guaranteed pathogen free with a truly clean label on a national footprint while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies."

The Hiperbaric 525 Liter Integrated HPP system from Miami-based Hiperbaric USA is said to be the biggest and most productive HPP system in the world, capable of up 10 cycles and more than 8,000 pounds per hour.