Hormel Foods Corp., Austin, Minn., announced plans to sell its Fremont, Neb., processing facility to WholeStone Farms, LLC, Brandon, S.D.

“The Fremont facility has been an important part of our company for decades, and we are certainly pleased to have found a home for this team and facility with WholeStone Farms,” says Jim Snee, chairman of the board, president and CEO at Hormel Foods. “The strategic decision to transition the Fremont facility to WholeStone Farms reflects the long-term, changing dynamics in the pork industry, and most importantly, is aligned with our vision as a global branded food company.”

“We look forward to working with WholeStone Farms to ensure a smooth transition for our employees, suppliers and customers,” says Glenn Leitch, executive vice president of supply chain at Hormel Foods. “A multi-year supply agreement with WholeStone Farms ensures the Fremont facility will continue as an integral part of our supply chain in the future. Our focus continues to be on ensuring a stronger supply chain from procurement to shipment of products, fully optimizing our system to create an efficient, enterprise-wide structure to keep pace with the growing needs of our business.”

“The purchase of the Fremont, Neb., processing facility from Hormel Foods aligns with our vision to create and capture value in the pork supply chain for the 220 independent producers who own WholeStone Farms,” says Dr. Luke Minion, chairman of the board of directors of WholeStone Farms. “We value the dedication and experience the existing team brings to WholeStone Farms, and are committed to significant additional investments in the facility for production efficiencies and enhancing employee wellness.”

The transaction includes a processing facility and a multi-year agreement to supply pork raw materials to Hormel Foods. The current Fremont plant management team and workforce will remain in place.