Organizations of different sizes show differing appetites for subscribing to and leveraging managed security service provider (MSSP) services, according to findings from the MSSP Benchmark Survey, conducted by the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC), Washington, D.C. More than 40 organizations participated in the survey and reported that due to increasing cost concerns and challenges faced with in-house talent, organizations are looking to outsource security functions to an MSSP instead of building the capability in house. Participating companies spanned retail channels, including retail, restaurants, hotels, gaming properties, consumer financial services and consumer packaged goods.

Many participating organizations indicate that they are likely to increase spend or retain 2018 budgetary spend for MSSPs in the coming year.

Highlights from the R-CISC MSSP Survey report include:

Next generation chief information security officers (CISOs) are leading innovation. Respondents are driving in-house focus on orchestration, dark web monitoring and hunting while leaning on MSSPs to block and tackle.

The most frequently leveraged managed security service is log monitoring with nearly all respondents currently subscribing.

Budget and talent are still top problems. 92% of respondents report that the cost of developing and maintaining in-house talent and/or challenges attracting and retaining talent are top reasons for leveraging MSSP services.