TMW, a Cleveland, Ohio-based Trimble brand, announced a partnership with DMSi, Omaha, Neb., to integrate TMW’s FinalMile solution with DMSi’s Agility enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, both designed specifically for private fleet customers who operate in the building supply industry. The integration is said to decrease the time from order placement to the time the delivery is planned.

“We believe this integration will save both TMW and DMSi customers’ time and reduce their costs,” says Brian Larwig, vice president and general manager of FinalMile at TMW. “Before, companies would have to invest a significant amount of time and resources into building out their own integrations, or the system updates would be at batched intervals. Neither option is ideal when moving an order through the system and into the route planning stage.”

With the integration, TMW FinalMile can collect information directly from the DMSi Agility solution on a near real-time basis. The orders then automatically update within DRTrack whenever they are added, modified or deleted.

“The integration between Agility and TMW FinalMile provides customers with enhanced control and efficiency from order entry through delivery,” says Holden Melia, vice president of product, sales and marketing at DMSi. “DMSi and TMW customers have the advantage of Agility’s robust inventory control and order processing logic, paired with the optimized route planning of FinalMile, to deliver superior service.”