AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., introduced FreshCloud Storage Insights powered by AdvanStore technology.

FreshCloud Storage Insights enables growers and packers the ability to predict and address problems through smarter inventory management. Proprietary algorithms and sensor technology, coupled with advanced analytics, optimize produce storage by providing actionable data to inform go-to-market decisions. Building on the legacy of AgroFresh's former AdvanStore offering and part of the FreshCloud suite of products, FreshCloud Storage Insights makes storage room data more actionable by providing access to data anytime, anywhere through a more sophisticated delivery interface.

Data is segmented by produce variety, company facilities and even specific storage rooms. Customers can also compare their own storage room data to regional and national averages to determine how well their storage rooms perform. Automated notifications alert customers of trigger points that may signal potential issues.

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.