Pilot Freight Services, Lima, Pa., announced the opening of a 44,000-square-foot multi-client warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. This facility supports growth from the existing Salt Lake City station and its 45,000-square-foot warehouse space, and will bolster Pilot’s network of West Coast clients to meet consumers’ needs.

The warehouse is geographically situated to support 2-day deliveries to most of the Western United States, and will benefit from Salt Lake City’s ground, air and parcel capacity. The new multi-client warehouse also provides a complete distribution infrastructure, allowing businesses to scale. Each space is customizable to specific requirements by outsourcing delivery, packaging and transportation management. Pilot also has the ability to operate as a 3PL, managing patrons’ transportation providers and their contacts.  

“Part of ongoing positive steps in company growth, Pilot has expanded warehousing and inventory management capabilities across U.S. markets with new services, including the new SLC multi-client warehouse. Influenced by customer needs and demands, we are pleased to offer even greater full-service, turnkey solutions to our valued clients on the West Coast,” says John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “We’re excited to expand our offerings in Salt Lake City, offering the Western market unsurpassed customization in their warehousing requirements.”