CAS DataLoggers, Chesterland, Ohio, provided its SwiTrace Temperature Data Loggers to a shipper exporting fruits and vegetables. Because most of these products were very temperature-sensitive, it was essential to put in place a cold chain monitoring solution that tracks the temperature of refrigerated shipments.

The monitoring device had to provide an immediate indication at the destination if the product was exposed to temperatures outside of the acceptable range during transport. It also had to store enough data to provide an indication of when and for how long this happened. Finally, it was very desirable that it supply a hardcopy printout upon receipt as proof of product quality and best practices.

The fruit and vegetable processor selected the SwiTrace I-Plug family of data loggers, which are specifically designed for cold chain temperature monitoring.

The IPlug data loggers offered an ideal solution for the customer’s cold chain monitoring of perishable product shipments. Now the receiver can immediately determine if product’s temperature went outside specifications during transport. A comprehensive PDF data report printout shows regulatory compliance, including the shipper’s HACCP programs, and, in the event of an out of temperature alarm, indicates which parties are responsible to settle insurance claims and head off other potential problems. Additionally, the temperature data fine-tunes the cold chain and optimizes product quality.