Unilever, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., launched Culture Republick, what is said to be the first premium light ice cream brand with probiotics. The new brand collaborates with emerging artists to design each pint, and 10% of the brand's profits will support the arts in local communities, with all charitable donations made possible by the Unilever Foundation. 

"Culture Republick was created with a distinct purpose in mind," says Leslie Miller, marketing director of ice cream at Unilever. "We believe that humanity could use a bit more brightness. By combining our passions for culture and ice cream, we intend to do our part in making people feel more balanced, inspired and connected."

Each pint contains 3 billion live active cultures, 400-500 calories, 16-18 grams of protein, 11-12 grams of fiber and no artificial sweeteners.

Milk & Honey is a sweet cream light ice cream swirled with wildflower honey. Pack art by Joe Geis, an artist, designer and woodworker based in Brooklyn, N.Y., whose artwork is all about movement and balance.

Turmeric Chai & Cinnamon consists of turmeric blended with a chai spice light ice cream with swirls of cinnamon streusel. Pack art by Sarah Dewlin, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based artist who specializes in unique geometric shapes and compositions, with natural edges and organic imperfections. 

Cold Brew & Chocolate Chi is a cold brew light ice cream made with Fair Trade Brazilian and Colombian coffee extract, loaded with chocolate chips in every bite. Pack art by Paulina Ho, a New York-based artist who incorporates a wide spectrum of images and symbols.

Pistachio & Caramel consists of real chopped pistachios in a pistachio light ice cream with added swirls of salty caramel. Pack art by Teri Kaplan Trigalo, a creative content director based in New York, who creates large-scale abstract pieces inspired by her surroundings.

Lemon & Graham is a sweet lemon light ice cream, made with real lemon puree and lemon juice concentrate, textured with graham cracker crumb swirl. Pack art by Jason Naylor, an artist, designer and creative director based in Brooklyn, N.Y., whose street art murals carry a distinct style of upbeat messages and colorful visuals.

Chocolate & Cherry is a chocolate light ice cream with extra cocoa mixed with cherry light ice cream containing Fair Trade, Bordeaux cherry chunks. Pack art by Hawnuh Lee, a UX/UI designer and illustrator based in Portland, Ore., who creates cohesive visual stories by breaking elements down into designs, textures and tones.

Matcha & Fudge brings matcha tea into ice cream, balancing the green tea flavor with real cane sugar, fresh cream and swirls of fudge for tea-inspired decadence. Pack art by Fiona Chinkan, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y., who uses lines and forms to express herself and interpret the world around her.

Culture Republick is available at select retailers for an average retail price of $3.99-4.99.