Gray Construction, Lexington, Ky., completed the first step of a long-term collaboration with SPEC Engineering, Plainfield, Ill., where SPEC becomes affiliated with the Gray family of companies through an initial equity investment and other capital support by Gray, with the equity stake expected to grow substantially over time.

Gray and SPEC’s expertise and engineering, equipment and construction services complement each other and elevate their presence in the food and beverage sector.

“Gray is excited to invest in SPEC,” said Stephen Gray, president and CEO of Gray Construction. “Together, we provide a uniquely strong solution set to meet the growing food and beverage market’s needs.”

“SPEC is excited and extremely confident that the partnership with Gray will allow us to offer significant and expanded ‘best-in-class’ services, which our customers know and trust,” says Brian Bernard, president of SPEC Engineering. “Gray and SPEC share a culture of collaboration, quality, innovation and attention to detail that drives a passion for our customers’ continued success.”