Yili Group, Bangkok, acquired Chomthana, a Thailand-based ice cream processor.

"Enterprises should gather global energy, insist on continuous innovation and use global high-quality resources to serve consumers better," says Pan Gang, president of Yili Group.

"In the process of promoting internationalization, Yili always adheres to the concept of 'openness, cooperation and win-win,' and devotes to the dream of 'making the world healthy,'" adds Zhang Jianqiu, chief executive officer of Yili Group.

"Through many contacts and talks, we believe that Yili is a respectable company. Since its creation, Yili has been adhering to the quality belief and has been renowned worldwide for its continuous internationalization and innovation. Under the dream of ‘let the world share health,’ Yili products have won the trust of global consumers. Yili is a truly concerted enterprise with consumers," says Soh Chee Yong, president of Chomthana.

Chomthana is said to be the largest domestic ice cream and frozen food distributor in Thailand. This transaction will enable Yili to promote complementary advantages between China and Thailand, give full play to the strategic synergy effect and "let the world share health." Chomthan will also further enhance Yili's performance and deepen the win-win cooperation of the global dairy industry.