Interroll, Wilmington, N.C., announced plans to develop a new production site in Kronau, Germany.

The facility will manufacture conveyors and sorters, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

"Interroll is taking into account the high growth momentum for conveyors and sorters by choosing to develop a second, significantly bigger factory in Kronau. In this way, we are securing fast delivery times for our customers and end users well into the future," says Jens Strüwing, executive vice president products and technology.  

The €40 million project comprises a new 15,000-square-meter production area and 1,700 square meters of office space.

"With the new factory, we are not only creating new capacities. We are also completely restructuring our production priorities," says Strüwing. "This means that we are doubling our production space for conveyors and sorters in Europe and investing specifically in a higher level of automation."

According to the plan, conveyors are currently assembled in the Sinsheim, Germany, factory, but will now be assembled in Kronau. The new factory will also be home to the global Center of Excellence for conveyors.

"Even though we are moving, our employees will remain in the same region, which offers an excellent environment for us as an industrial company. There is a high level of education, and in the market, there is a perfect mix of skilled employees for future growth on-site," says Bernhard Kraus, managing director of Interroll Automation GmbH in Sinsheim.