SAMBAZON, San Clemente, Calif., debuted frozen Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs.

The Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs fuse organic acerola, pineapple and banana that can be blended into a smoothie. One serving contains 10 times the vitamin C of an orange, is only 40 calories and has no added sugar.

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“We are thrilled to introduce the Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs, which is the beginning of a new line of innovative products full of nutrient-dense ingredients and health benefits,” says Ryan Black, co-founder and CEO. “Acerola not only tastes delicious, but the superfruit has incredible immune-boosting properties to help keep families healthy throughout the year. Our Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs are a great way to quickly fuel up for the day ahead while naturally fighting off illness.”  

Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs entail acerola, a cherry native to Central and South America in the Amazon Rainforest. It’s also a powerful superfruit that’s naturally low in sugar and contains powerful antioxidants.

The Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs is found in Albertsons, Vons, Wegmans and Sprouts in Southern California and Los Angeles Costco locations beginning mid-March.

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