Susan Marie Chin-Taylor, chief executive officer and artistic director of Creative Raven, Cottonwood, Ariz., launched The TUIT Group “Train • Understand • Improve • Transform,” the firm’s new coaching, training, consulting and education division.
“The wastewater and stormwater infrastructure industry has matured significantly over the past 20 years,” says Chin-Taylor. “Traditional mom-and-pop contractors and small manufacturers are increasingly either being helmed by younger generations who are technology- and marketing-savvy, or acquired by larger firms with those qualities. They recognize that they’re serving markets far more sophisticated than previous generations."

The TUIT Group serves contractors, municipalities and manufacturers by making high-value, industry-specialized information, training and educational resources available.
“After nearly 20 years serving the industry, we’ve assembled a team with the specific experience to understand the unique needs of contractors, municipal public works representatives and manufacturers in the field,” adds Chin-Taylor. “We’re helping serious professionals take their organizations to the level required for success in a new century, whose demands on our planet’s water resources will bring the importance of their performance into increasingly sharp focus.”