Lyco Manufacturing, Columbus, Wis., released a new sanitary zero maintenance screen for the disposal of wastewater in beef and poultry processing plants.

The sanitary zero maintenance screen filters wastewater and reclaims it for new uses back in the food processing systems.

It features what is dubbed as the industry’s most sanitary rotary drum screen, which can filter up to 400 gallons of water per minute for re-use. The machine also comes with an advanced dual canister filtering system with screens to capture particulates as small as 200 microns, making the water clean enough to be used a second time. To clean the unibody-designed screens, simply purge the system and it’s ready for operation. The zero-maintenance screens eliminate daily lubrication of bearings, and on average, last 3-4 years before replacement is required.

The end plates come with added clearance for ample access for cleaning and inspection, clean-in-place system with spray balls, side opening doors for complete access to the tank and standoffs to eliminate hidden surfaces.


Lyco Manufacturing