The International Trade Hub at Port Manatee, Palmetto, Fla., opened promotional offices in Latin America and Europe.

“The opening of these two offices is a momentous step in connecting world markets and the dynamic business community of greater Manatee County and Southwest Florida,” says Iván Mutis, coordinator. “The Latin American and European office presences perfectly complement the successful initiatives the trade hub has been advancing over the past five years.”

The Latin American office in Medellín, Colombia, is led by representative Carolina López, chief executive officer of Manatee Operator Consulting Group, while the European location in Barcelona, Spain, is spearheaded by representative Peter Casanova, economist, partner and CFO with Brosa Abagados y Economistas.

“The offices provide soft landing platforms in major global markets for leaders of businesses of Manatee County and all of Southwest Florida exploring opportunities in Latin America and Europe, respectively,” says Carlos Buqueras, executive director of Port Manatee. “We already are making plans to further expand the global office presence of the International Trade Hub at Port Manatee.”

The trade hub, based at the Port Manatee Intermodal Center, serves as a catalyst for introducing global companies to greater Manatee County and Southwest Florida, while helping the region’s entrepreneurs make the most of beneficial connections worldwide.

“The proactive efforts of the International Trade Hub at Port Manatee, including through foreign offices, furnish advantageous opportunities for expanding the already impressive socioeconomic contributions of Port Manatee throughout our region,” says Vanessa Baugh, chairwoman of the Manatee County Port Authority.

The International Trade Hub serves as a vital link between markets in Florida and throughout the world. The hub provides expert advice and support tools to local and global firms, assisting with production, distribution and related activities, including development of innovative supply chain solutions.