Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, Ill., announced plans to unveil a “factory of the future,” where digital technology revolutionizes the way food manufacturing plants operate.​

​In this factory, machines will be able to communicate with each other as well as with the digital systems of the entire operation, automatically taking on tasks such as diagnosing problems, ordering and delivering parts and looking for an engineer most suitable for the service needed.

​Supported by smart solutions, the workforce will be able to focus on managing the plant, making quick, informed decisions and continuously increasing the speed of production, reducing errors and minimizing product waste.

​“We are in a period where the market is changing at high speed. Consumer demands coupled with regulations require a new way of food manufacturing that is much more efficient and food safety-guaranteed,” says Johan Nilsson, vice president Industry 4.0 and digitalization. ​“At the same time, we believe humans should continue to be at the center of the management of food manufacturing, with digital solutions as their support.”