Cheating Gourmet, makers of premium frozen seafood products, announced a rebrand to Scott & Jon's, Auburn, Maine.

Now named after co-founders and brothers, Scott and Jon Demers, the rebrand is accompanied by a fresh look and new line of pasta and noodle bowls, featuring sustainably-sourced shrimp and under 300 calories.

"Our new pasta and noodle bowls are shockingly delicious," says Scott Demers. "We use only the best ingredients—fresh vegetables, protein-rich shrimp and the perfect blend of spices—to create a meal that is decadent, comforting and most importantly, healthy."

Now available in the frozen seafood section of retailers nationwide, the rebrand is intended to reinforce Scott and Jon's commitment to quality and transparency.

"Rebranding with our own names was our way of connecting with our customers, family-to-family," says Jon Demers. "We are deeply committed to producing quality products that support the needs of today's busy family. There's no better way to demonstrate that commitment than by having our names on every package."

Scott & Jon's Shrimp Rice Bowls come in Garlic Butter, Creamy Parmesan, Coconut, Jambalaya, Shrimp Risotto, Sweet Chipotle and Cilantro Lime, while the Shrimp Noodle Bowls are available in Ramen and Spicy Ramen and Shrimp Pasta Bowls come in Shrimp Alfredo and Shrimp Scampi.