Vivera, UK, introduced 100% fat-free vegan bacon pieces, made entirely out of plant-based ingredients.

These bacon pieces mimic real bacon pieces with a true bacon taste, but contain zero fat.

“Especially in the British market, we foresee a large demand for our fat-free vegan bacon,” says Gert Jan Gombert, commercial director. "Traditionally, it is one of the product categories where meat has been difficult to replace. Our product development team has done an outstanding job in making the bacon pieces as tasty as the available regular bacon while reducing the fat level to zero. The overwhelming positive feedback from British consumers for our vegan steak, after its introduction last year, made us decide to give again priority to the British market and have the first launch to market here."

The bacon pieces will be initially sold exclusively in a broad selection of Sainsbury's supermarkets in the UK, but in the course of 2019, will be introduced in other European countries.