WITRON, Arlington Heights, Ill., began construction of 189,400-square-foot frozen food logistics center for Spanish grocer Mercadona.

This is said to be the sixth fully automated frozen food logistics center built by WITRON for Mercadona.  The distribution center will be equipped with the latest Oracle process manufacturing technology. All logistics processes are optimized in real-time, thanks to intelligent and holistic networking.

After the operational start at the beginning of 2021, the logistics center will supply 224 Mercadona stores throughout Andalusia, Spain. WITRON will then be responsible for the storage and picking of frozen goods for more than 80% of all 1,630 Mercadona stores in Spain.  

The distribution center will be equipped with 7 fully automated COM machines, and will pick up to 46,000 cases every day out of an assortment of 550 items at -9°F onto pallets. The distribution center will boast a 5-aisle-pallet high-bay warehouse with 7,000 pallet locations and a 14-aisle tray automated storage retrieval system with 62,300 locations situated in front of the COMs.