Smart Flour, Austin, Texas, expanded its ancient grain bread lineup to include 2-inch slider rolls for foodservice menus. Made with a blend of sorghum, amaranth and teff, the certified gluten-free rolls feature whole grains, a hearty texture and enhanced nutrition, but with a smaller size that lends itself to a multitude of starter menu items.

These Slider Rolls, which are projected to debut early 2020, can be used as dinner rolls, or on a trio platter of bite-sized burgers or gourmet sandwiches.

“Dining out is becoming an increasingly communal experience, and restaurants are needing to cater to the collective dietary sensitivities and preferences within each group,” says Paul Cialdella, chief operating officer. “Our delicious, allergy-friendly and versatile slider rolls can be enjoyed by everyone at the table, and we can’t wait to see the creative menu choices they inspire!”

Smart Flour’s Slider Rolls are sold frozen in a 72-count case (six trays of 12).


Also new to foodservice operators is cauliflower-based pizza crusts.

Available in Traditional, the crust features cauliflower as the No. 1 ingredient, followed by an ancient grain blend of sorghum, amaranth and teff. Plus, they deliver a punch of fiber and calcium, while touting 11 grams of protein per serving and half the carbs of other crusts on the market.

“It’s no secret that consumers are crazy for cauliflower,” adds Cialdella. “By pairing this versatile veggie with our unique, ancient grain and gluten-free flour blend, we’ve created nutrition-packed, allergy-friendly pizza crusts that are in line with the preferences of today’s diners.”

Smart Flour’s 9.5-inch crusts are sold frozen in a 12-count case.