OAL Connected, UK, introduced data-embedded barcodes.

This label and date code verification solution is said to be the only system on the market that reads the information contained within the barcode inline via existing scanners to protect the packaging line from errors, emergency product withdrawals (EPWs) and product recalls.

A data embedded barcode is an extended 1D barcode that can store more information, such as the global trade item number, expiration or best before date and batch number, in addition to other attributes used at the point-of-sale, weight, etc. These data-embedded codes can be “stacked omnidirectional” with just two barcodes stacked, or “expanded stacked,” with three or more on packaging.

Plus, this label and date code verification solution is entirely independent of the printer, which means operators receive a full and thorough check of the information within the barcode before it leaves the packaging line.

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