ISTOBAL, Bristol, Va., presented a pioneering system to ensure professional cleaning and disinfection of refrigerated trailer interiors.

ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH uses a high-pressure pumping system and a chemical dosing system to clean and sanitize a 53-foot trailer interior in under 6 minutes.

Internationally patented and easy to use and install, ISTOBAL HW'INTRAWASH is an FSMA-compliant disinfection of refrigerated and dry van trailers and shipping containers. It also reduces water, chemical usage and cleaning time, and is an industrial alternative to manual wash. 

ISTOBAL HW'INTRAWASH applies bactericide chemicals to wash out and collect dirt and debris inside a hopper. Its multiple programs can be adapted to the requirements of speed or cleaning in the vehicle interior, allowing each unit to receive the wash program needed. ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH also works with two different chemical products to be selected depending on the type of cargo to wash and/or disinfect.

ISTOBAL also debuted ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS, what is said to be the most flexible commercial vehicle rollover in the market.

With an optimized design, it can be adapted to the specific requirements of each type of vehicle fleet, including vans, trailer trucks, buses, tankers, vehicles for the construction industry and more.

This equipment features self-driven vertical brushes with an overlapping scrub function and shampoo injection via a dosing pump, flexible configuration by user with up to 15 programs, a touch-screen control panel and a choice of service connections, including energy chain, loop connection or a fixed or swinging post.

It also boasts a high-density polyethylene horizontal brush equipped with a frequency converter to soften up and down movements, and 5 pressure levels to better follow vehicle profiles. The model’s flexible configuration also conducts up to 4 “obstacle-avoidance” scans for wing mirrors and sunscreens.    

ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS comes with automatic pre-wash systems (high-pressure lower side, high-pressure sides and high- pressure top) a manual pre-wash gun and a wide range of optional extras.