Better Fresh Technology (BFTech), Wenatchee, Wash., introduced AquaFew, an enhanced electrolyzed oxidized (EO) water treatment system.

BFTech joined forces with IDD Packaging and Processing, Moorpark, Calif., to manufacture and market AquaFew and STTTM EO water systems for food and beverage industries.

The BFTech STTTM systems allows processors to lower chemical concentrations in the current process due to reduced surface tension, through electrolysis-generated EO water. Both the STT system combined with AquaFew proprietary technology reduces residual pesticide and fungicide with post-harvest treatment.

The systems also reduce the condensation in a processing facility, can be used in cooling tower maintenance and boiler treatment to lower chemical use and helps to enhance adoption of predictive maintenance programs such as Internet of Things. This proprietary process increases pathogen control for both conventional and organic foods at critical process control points, from farm irrigation to further processors’ discharge of wastewater.

Better Fresh Technology