Nearly 61% of Gen Z/Millennial grillers (ages 18-38) reported grilling year-round, according to an annual grilling survey conducted by Acosta Sales & Marketing, Jacksonville, Fla.

Other highlights from the report entail:

  • 46% of those grilling indicate that they grill year-round, an increase from 42% indicating they grill year-round in 2018 and 2017.  
    • 61% of Gen Z/Millennial grillers (ages 18-38) indicate that they grill year-round.
    • More grillers in the South and West regions indicate grilling year-round (as compared to those in the Midwest and Northeast regions).
    • 69% of grillers say they grill at least once a week during the summer months of May through August.
  • 67% of grillers plan on grilling for the Labor Day holiday weekend.
    • Sporting events are also a good reason to grill, with 33% grilling at home while watching the big game and 25% grilling at a tailgate.
  • While 56% of grillers reported getting recipe ideas from friends and family, more grillers are sourcing new grilling recipes, tips and ideas online. When asked where they find grilling recipe ideas, grillers reported: 
    • 51% on a recipe website (11% increase from last year).
    • 29% on social media sites.
    • 28% on a grilling website (5% increase from last year).
    • 24% on a cooking show website (2% increase from last year).
    • 23% on a retailer/grocery store website (10% increase from last year).
    • 22% on a food company website (3% increase from last year).